Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beautiful landscape

Last week had a perfect start to the week with a super awesome Pday! We went up to Fichtelberg with some members and some other missionaries and had a blast climbing and hiking rock formations. It was some of the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen, and it was just perfect weather too. I really can’t do it any justice by typing about it, so hopefully you can get an idea from the photos. 

Transfer calls were this week, and everyone including multiple members thought I was leaving! Of course I didn’t want to, but I sure felt like I would be transferred. Well, the news is that I am staying! Thank goodness too. I really like all of the people here, and I just didn’t want to leave them just yet. So I am super happy to stay at least 5 more weeks since this transfer is a little shorter than normal transfers. 

We had a few really busy days this week, which of course is always nice to have, and so we had to race back and forth to get here and there. The lessons themselves went really well this week and we also asked a friend of ours to be baptized. We asked him to pray about it to which he asked if he should fast! We laughed and said that that would help too! The same guy told me in a super thick African accent, "If I were a girl I would fall for you" to which I of course died laughing. I got a hair cut this week, and apparently he really liked it. We may have some trouble getting him in the water though because he is not legally married to his wife where he lives in Ghana. 

This week I also contacted a pretty cool guy in the train. He was actually in his cop uniform and we had a pretty fun discussion! He was visiting from Düsseldorf, and was visiting a friend here in Bayreuth for a day or two. Lastly I went to a messianic Jewish church meeting, which was pretty interesting, but not really something I would go back to. I liked it, but not the feeling necessarily. 

Today we are going to Bamberg for Pday, and are meeting up with about 10 other missionaries, so it should be a good time. Well have a good week everyone! 


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