Monday, February 16, 2015

Karneval in Germany...and answers to prayers.

This week Karneval hit Bayreuth....

I am pleased to say that there weren’t any girls that attempted to cut off my tie. Thank goodness! I was wearing my good ties and was completely unaware that the whole thing was going on around me. Well, I was when yesterday I walked through the main square and people were dressed up as clowns and dinos and all sorts of crazy. I called Elder Dean in Köln where the true party was, and he said that things were pretty hectic. The craziest things got here was a few hundred people in costumes dancing to Cotton Eye Joe. Sadly, that was the best beat I have heard in months. Haha! 

Ok, Actually I heard a really good song in Köln because here in Germany everyone does everything in public. There were just a bunch of guys walking around the Bahnhof drinking and carrying a gigantic speaker. Nothing like that has happened here, but I did dream up that same song and it was stuck in my head when I woke up. This week we got a new investigator named Chris. I think you could say he was last week, but it happened more so this week. Sorry if I repeat anything, time is kind of a blur at this point in my life. Anyway, his favorite thing in the world is the Dodge Viper, and we just clicked when we shared stories about vipers. It helps that I have driven one too. I just wont tell him I didn’t go faster than 35 haha.  

We had a few service opportunities and we helped a friend’s friend move a piece of furniture. The guy is an Aerospace Engineer. You know, I think God put me in the right place haha. He is really really cool and maybe he will share with us some of the projects he’s working on. 

I have always believed that God has answered my prayers. I have never heard a voice, I have never felt some ground shaking experience, but every week we have a meeting in Nürnberg with other missionaries, and I swear the topics assigned to talk about are always exactly what I need to hear. I mean it would be nice to get an answer directly from God, but I’m pretty certain he gives me all of mine through other people. He kind of makes me look for an answer or pay attention. 

I was also given the privilege to go on a split to Erlangen. I was actually there twice this week. Anyway, we had a few really good contacts, and it felt really good doing the thing I knew was uncomfortable but really the right thing to do. We didn’t have incredible success, but that doesn’t happen every time.  The second time I was in Erlangen was on Saturday. We had a really really fun street display with 4 other elders. Although it was kind of embarrassing and certainly uncomfortable, I talked with people in the street as four others sang. It was really strange to me but I talked to a ton of people while they did. I ended up talking to about 6 or 7 people for more than 5 minutes. After each one it just pushed me more and more making the smile on my face larger and larger. It was impossible to wipe it off my face, and if you walked past me you could expect to be asked about the Book of Mormon. I even ran into a few Americans! That was way fun, and although none of them were interested, we talked about our work and also just had a fun time. Highlight of the week. That’s actually one of the weird things in German. People will just say, Oh ja das war ein echt Highlight....ok? Are you speaking English or German? 

After our street display we went to the Erlangen church and feasted on the Valentines dance leftovers. Members just know we eat like garbage disposals (Well I do) and so they just give us food whenever they have extra. No complaints here! 

Pretty good week, we had a few lessons with less actives as well as with my man Chris! Things are starting to pick up here, and I am starting to really enjoy my area. Today we are going to Nürnberg to go through the Nazi Museum again. I got only half or so way through, and the other elders we are meeting want to go too. I hope all of you have a great week. If you have questions or problems then pray about them. I know you will get an answer. Maybe you will hear a voice maybe you wont. I never have but I get them through Gods other Children. Love you all! `murica!


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