Monday, February 9, 2015

I'm a Senior Companion!

This week Elder Carson and I parted ways. He is now home for his foot surgery. Keep him in your prayers! My new companion is.......Elder Andrus! It’s the funniest thing ever. Germans have such a hard time getting both of our names right, but hey, they say my last name without a S now!! Because if they did there would be no difference in how they say our names. 

These last few days have been a little tougher, and I am also a little sick. Luckily I don’t really have many symptoms minus the coughing and the lovely chest congestion. I was pretty tired for two days, and for whatever reason it made me really down. It actually got me really down. I can’t explain why, but I thought about home more then than my whole mission. It wasn’t even a bad sickness! Good thing it is over now though. 

It was kind of scary already being senior companion the first 3 weeks of being here, but now that I have taken over too, it’s been even weirder. I will say that as soon as I got to Bayreuth I started remembering things and knowing where I was going really early on, but its just weird still. It’s finally starting to feel like home, which brings me to a sad thought. The oldest apartment in the mission, the Köln Elders apartment, which stood for 30 years just, got sold! NO!!! Haha. Doesn’t really affect me, but I have 8 months of memories there, so its sad knowing I cant go back.

I really don’t have much to report on since the work is going real slow as of right now. Most of our days are spent doing small things and we try to find, but for me it’s really hard. Getting no after no can be a little discouraging. I always heard stories from my Dad and others and I thought that would be easy to get past, but the truth is, it is hard keeping up a good attitude and wanting to do that. AJ the new convert to the ward said he would help us set up something with the Uni and maybe help us with a street display, so that would be way cooler instead of just walking up and down streets being called a Jehovah Witness! 

The Good news this week is that AJ introduced us to his good friend and we get along great. He’s had a tough life from the sounds of it, but I know the gospel can help him out. I’m hoping he wants to meet more than just last night. We hit it off well though because his favorite car is the Dodge Viper. Well, just so happens I have photos around them, have driven one, and had a brother on the Viper team. Hey who knows, he might be why I am here in Bayreuth. That’s always the question; Why am I here? 

Not much else happened, but we did get to meet up a lot with AJ as well as a real special guy that doesn’t come to church anymore. He’s got a real sweet soul and a lot of good stories. He’s got a good testimony, and good heart but the poor guy only has a few months to live. His stomach fills up with water and they pulled out 9 liters from his stomach cavity 4 weeks ago. Wow. Sure grateful for my healthy functioning body. Anyway, we go about 2 or three times a week and read to him from the scriptures and he just loves it! His eyes are too bad to read and he loves when we come over. 

Well that’s all I have for you all this week, I hope you all have a fabulous valentines day and a great week. I will be attached to the hip with my companion for yet another week haha. Take care!


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