Monday, October 13, 2014

Scary Discovery!

Each week seems to go by so fast!

Quite honestly I think if I wrote home more than once a week it would be too much! There wouldn't be a whole lot to write about and the week just goes by so fast anyway! 

This week started rather odd when Elder Arts asked me to look in the microwave for him, so kind of cautiously I opened it. Well inside we found the long lost hamburger meat that Elder Arts thought he put back in the freezer. It was so nasty! These are the horrors that I experience as an Elder Haha. Not so bad though. Although, I did have somebody answer a door and they were wearing what seemed to be a towel around their waist. Yeah they were shorts, just pulled up so high he could almost tuck his moobs in. Sorry for the scarring image, but in my defense you are all here to read about what happens in my life haha.

This week I also had the opportunity to sit in a hammock hand-made by prisoners in Mexico! Our Ward Mission Leader served his mission there and brought one home for $50. Pretty cool, and pretty comfortable too. Our WML is from Kentucky, so we usually speak in English. Speaking of English, we ran into a ton of people from America this week! It is way fun because you just have this instant connection with them, so it is a snap to start a conversation with them. Generally German's have pretty good English, but it just isn't the same.

Since we don't always have plans, we had what we call a white day, meaning no plans at all. So, we did our normal study, our meals, and our weekly planning session. With the rest of the time in the day, we ended up doing some less active member go-bys to try and invite them to a big conference called stake conference. We didn't get any answers but as we were returning home we ran into an active member and his inactive sister on the train! Wow! We had an awesome talk and she even asked me if I was German. You could say I was pretty proud of my German then. We said goodbye for the night and then we ran into her and her daughter today on the way home from shopping. It was wild! The same person who I have never seen before I see two times within three days. Quite honestly I was blown away, but hopefully we will see her again, but this time at church.

The last part I would like to share took place just Yesterday. As most of you who read may know, Daniel was baptized last week, and just yesterday we confirmed him a member and gave him the Holy Ghost. Right after, he got up and gave a testimony that was so simple and so sweet. One of the first times we met with him, he had trouble getting here. Around here the train drivers have been going on strike a lot, and as he was on his way the driver announced he was going on strike and was stopping at the next station. Not knowing where he was, he wandered unsure if he would make our appointment. Somehow, he said he felt guided where to go and eventually found his way to somewhere he recognized. I love that guy so much! He is so genuine and so honest about everything. Plus we just have a lot of dumb little things here and there in common. So glad I am out here, because if I wasn't then I would never have met him. Sure maybe somebody else may have helped him get baptized, but we would never have become friends, and that is something I am very grateful for.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Please excuse my grammar. I have noticed that English is getting a little harder to write out. Stupid spelling and stuff! Have a good one!

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