Monday, October 27, 2014


This week was pretty good, but so many things fell through that by the end of the week we really hadn't had that much that had happened. P-day was very fun last week! We ended up not being able to make it to the very border because of time, but I did get to see both Holland and Belgium! We also visited the Dom in Aachen and the ceiling was most definitely lined with gold. A lot smaller than the Dom in Cologne, but a lot prettier for sure. Later, we had some extra time and Elder Arts wanted to go to a card game shop to pick up some cards for his mission buddy in Australia. There we ran into a girl who had always wanted a Book of Mormon, but had never been able to get her hands on one. She was so excited when we pulled one out of our bag haha. Anyway, we ended up stopping by the other day and she was very much interested, so I'm hoping that she turns into an investigator. Unfortunately since Daniel, things have been a little dry over here. I think that's kind of how it goes though in Europe haha.

We did have a bummer day because an investigator dropped us, but that happens every now and then. That's also what happens when you believe every little stinking thing on the internet. Ah! It still drives me crazy! I'll stop at that because I know I will rant about it for a good paragraph haha.

This week I got another package from Mom and lets just say I am living the good life with so many brownies!

We also had a very cool Friday night activity related to Halloween. We carved pumpkins! We even invited some Germans and they had so much fun! We got asked by the cashier if we were making soup and we said we were cutting them. You know us wasteful 'Muricans! But boy you should have seen her facial expression when we rolled up that shopping cart with 6 pumpkins. Priceless! After we were done, we cleaned up and went home leaving the pumpkins at the church, and then we realized we had to throw them out. The next day Elder Arts crushed one like Kahn in Star Trek 2 and that was pretty funny. Then I dropped one outside and punched my fist straight though one side and cracked the other side from top to bottom. Just when all of you thought I had grown up too! No, I assure you my personality has not changed a bit.

Lastly, we got our transfer call this week! I will be staying in Cologne for another 5 weeks for sure, so I will get to experience the xmas markets! Elder Arts on the other hand, is going all the way down by Nueremburg where even natural born Germans have a hard time understanding those people's accent haha. My new companion comes Thursday I believe, and his name is Elder Dean. All I have heard is that he is really funny, so I'm sure we will get along just fine! We had to let so many people in the ward know whether or not we were staying, and one of my favorites was so relieved when he heard I was staying haha. He said, "If you leave who is going to make me laugh?" Apparently I am funnier than I ever thought, but it's probably just because I'm an awkward fellow. Works for me!

Well that's about it for this week. Today we are going to Solingen to play Ultimate and hopefully do something else haha. Eine schöne Woche und bleib schön haha.


PS I rode a horse

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