Monday, October 20, 2014

A Street Car with the smell of death!

This week I got to read emails real early in the morning, which was awesome! Waiting to go to do emails is like going at the top of the stairs Christmas morning. Well, just a little! The reason that we went early is because we are going to Aachen today! Aachen has a huge church that is lined in gold, and after we visit that, we will be going to the border of three countries! There is a part of Germany where Holland and Belgium come together so hopefully we will see something cool!

This week we had a small problem getting to and from appointments. The Deustche Bahn decided to strike, making things rather difficult. This week we also had a very cool contact in a train. Those kind of things always just brighten my day. There are some people who will listen to you but maybe don't care, there are those that care, and then we have the "Elect", but who are really just a bunch of know it all don't bother me's. Steffan was way cool and he was really excited when we gave him a Book of Mormon. I don't know what will happen with him, but he got so excited when we gave it to him for free, and that was what made my day. This week I also had my first Italian pizza in Europe. Wow. It wasn't Costco pizza, but boy did I stuff my face! On the way back, we went to get on the streetcar and we saw a bunch of open seats. Pretty happy about that and unaware, we walked into the smell of death. I walked in and saw every. single. person holding their nose, but it was too late because I had already taken a big whiff. That's why there were so many seats! Well, that explains the cramped other end of the we joined them! Luckily it didn't smell over there, but exactly one half of it did. We looked back and there was a homeless guy sitting alone talking to himself and pointing around the cabin. Poor guy! I have noticed there are a lot of homeless people here!

This week we gave one of our investigators a blessing, that he would find the answer he was looking for, but also a blessing of guidance for work. Afterwards he told us he had goose bumps and couldn't describe the feeling he had. Yup! That's the spirit! It was really neat. So a few weeks ago we helped out a member from Uruguay to find his Hostel, and we got a thank you from him the other night. Well, just as we checked it we realized we had to go to get home on time. On the way home we ran into another guy that spoke english, and he too needed help getting to a hostel! So, of course we helped him out. That's what I love about here, you meet so many different people all from different places and have different stories.

Well that is kind of it for this week. This week we find out if we are staying in Cologne or not. Personally I want some change in my life. Either a new area or companion would be cool, but if not that is ok. We are still having a pretty good time in Cologne, 19 weeks is just a long time is all! Well, we will see. Have a good week everyone!

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