Monday, June 30, 2014

Hey all!
Greetings from Köln! This week has been quite an interesting one. To start off, we now have weekly visits to an elderly woman where we sing to her, and in turn she buys us all chinese food. Pretty good deal if you ask me!! She's almost 90! We also met with the way cool guy Herr Zeitel. His wife was a member, and she recently died. Since then he has read book after book about the church. He had us over and he served us pizza as well as gave us fruit, his favorite chocolate, and a ride home which was a way big deal. This guy is so nice, and he just wants to know if the church is true. It's so nice to see that religion isn't dead in this great country, and I'm excited to help him in any way that I can.
For those of you who follow fussball/soccer, you know it was a rough week. We lost to Germany!! Elder Arts bought an American flag and started wearing it during the game at a members house, but we put it away out of fear of being mugged haha. It is so intense how into the sport these people are. EVERYONE gets dressed and painted up for games, and the trains are almost empty when games are going.
We had some ups and downs this week. Since Cologne is so big, it takes forever to get anywhere. We had a meeting with an investigator that was over an hour away, and he wasn't even there. In fact his brother said he had just left. Darn kid never picks up his phone either! Oh well, because we had so much time we called a bunch of people in the phone contacts. We actually got a few people that arent members and want to know more! Speaking of knowing more, there were the Sisters in another part of the mission that got 3 baptisimal dates set. That is way cool, and that's the kind of thing that really pumps us up.
This week we lost our President! After 3 years of service they decided it was time to let someone else have a turn at being a mission president. Our entire area got together to say goodbye, and afterwards we had a big street preach. There were a few people who were interested, but mostly people ignored us. Honestly it makes sense. If I were comfortable where I was, I wouldn't want to hear from some pesky 18 year olds either! It makes sense to me that people don't want to hear, and as a missionary it bumms me out, but as Kevin I totally understand. After the streetpreach, we went to the train station and bought some crepes! While in line, one of the train station officials jokingly told us that we weren't allowed to be there. We actually struck up a cool conversaition, and he told me that he had met with the missionaries all the way back in 2003!! We started talking about religion and I got him to commit to meet with the missionaries in his area and I gave him their number. Like I said, most people don't want to hear it, but even if that guy never calls the missionaries, it totally made my day.
Not a whole lot else to report on, those were pretty much the bigger parts of my week. Oh! We also went inside the Cologne Cathedral for a little bit and it is just astounding. Check it out on Google if you can. Ok well I gotta go!

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  1. Awesome!!! He looks great, and his letters are so interesting and fun to read! He has a great attitude! I'm grateful he is encountering some kind people. Gotta love the picture of Elvis on the wall, too, haha!