Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Off to a new adventure in Bayern!

The weeks are going by faster...and my 7 months in Köln are drawing to a close. How is it possible! Arg! I have loved Köln, and it will be greatly missed, but it is time to move on to new adventures. I will definitely come back and visit! There are too many great people I have to see again before I go home. I just have to! 

Because I am leaving Köln, I will now be serving at the other end of the mission in Bayreuth, which is in Bayern. That means that everyone will probably speak Bayrisch, which is a dialect like Kölsch. Bayreuth is supposed to be a very pretty city with buses as our way of getting around. I haven’t heard if we have bikes or not, but I do know my companion a little bit. His name is Elder Carson and if I remember right he served in the marines and was studying explosives! Sounds right up my alley! Elder Carson and I served in the MTC together but he had to go home to get surgery on his knee. Good thing he made it and came back out! 

It was actually kind of hard to say goodbye to everyone in the ward. I didn’t think it would be all that bad but I think I already miss my ward! This week we went by an office to check if our third train card belonged to us. Another missionary told me he found it, but wasn’t sure. We took it back but they said there was no name on the card anywhere. They said it was nice that we brought it back, but that it didn’t do anyone any good. So they just told us to keep it. We decided to give it to our investigator since he has such a hard time getting around, and really doesn’t have the money to do so. He got so excited! We really hope things turn around for him soon. Unfortunately I wont be here to see him get baptized, but he just had his interview yesterday, so he is all set. 

This week we had our district meeting at one of the elder’s houses since one of the elders had a concussion. It was way fun and we ate a bunch of snacks while we were at it. This poor elder had been stuck inside for days since it was his 5th or so concussion. We later dropped by and gave them some of the board games in our apartment. 

We also had a few less active appointments and that was a lot of fun, and I wish that they had come earlier so we could have gotten to know each other! Too bad. We also ate lunch with the Schneider family, and I am so glad that I finally got to meet them; it’s just too bad it was right before I left. We got in contact with Daniel using a different phone, as we are blocked when we use our phone. What a bummer. We showed up but he didn’t. It’s always a bummer when you lose friends. 

We had a fun Pday in Bonn at some ruins of a castle. More to come next week for sure. Thank you for all the letters and love, I’m about to go send Elder Dean off to Frankfurt and then tomorrow I go to Bayreuth. I wish all of you a great week.



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